YouTube is not just a video website or one of the most visited places on the Internet: it’s one of the world’s main search engines. As such, it offers search results, which in this case are videos instead of URLs.

That's why a SEO positioning strategy for YouTube is necessary to position a channel or achieve more visits to the videos.

YouTube also enables links (which are clickable) to be added to videos and in video descriptions, so thanks to SEO strategies, this platform can become a huge source of traffic to a website.

In this way, positioning strategies for YouTube have a double purpose: visibility within the website, and generation of traffic to the desired content (lead capture landing page, ecommerce, other websites, etc.)

In ORM (Online Reputation Management) projects, YouTube positioning tasks are normally included to help the URL of the channel achieve a good position in brand searches.

Characteristics of a Positioning strategy for YouTube

A positioning project on a YouTube channel involves optimising everything we can within the platform itself. This includes the channel setup, the descriptions, the titles, the structure of the playlist, and the integration of embedded links in the videos.

Why do a Positioning strategy for YouTube with ROI UP Agency?

At ROI UP Agency, we have professionals who can edit videos to include corporate openings and endings, and even make the video views profitable by adding sponsored openings.

Similarly, thanks to our staff who are native speakers of 13 different languages, we can perform YouTube positioning tasks for channels in different languages such as Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, etc.

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