SEO Methodology

All of ROI UP Agency’s SEO projects have their own objectives, phases in which to develop these objectives, and planning which adapts to the client’s needs and circumstances.

Before starting work on an SEO Project

  • Project plan before beginning the work. This includes the main deliverables, delivery dates, and schedule for client implementation.
  • Pre-set communication and meetings. Frequency and format of the communication, so the client knows when meetings will be required and what will be involved.

During the SEO Project

  • Review of all the recommendations. These are reviewed monthly to account for possible changes.
  • Advice in other areas which affect the project. If there is going to be a change in design, a new section, or any other situation, we advise on how this will affect the SEO.
  • Search for alternatives if needed. Sometimes corporate decisions can prevent the full implementation of the recommendations, so ROI UP Agency aims to find alternatives for each case where possible.
  • 360° vision of the project, taking other needs into account. Other areas are considered when a recommendation is made, and this is taken into account when it comes to assessing SEO issues (UX, Design, Programming, etc.)


Our SEO Professionals

The selection process in the SEO Department is very important.

We work as a team to ensure maximum agility and efficiency.

Multidisciplinary SEO Profiles:

Training/Background before SEO

  • Programming
  • Journalism
  • Audio-visual work
  • Metrics

 Necessary skills:

  • Interest in research
  • Planning
  • Active and proactive client support
  • Team work
  • Ability to offer and receive constant training
  • Marketing mindset and understanding

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