The objective of ASO (App Store Optimisation) is to position apps within app search engines such as App Store and Google Play.

The huge number of applications available in app marketplaces means that it is more and more difficult for an app to appear in the search results for the name of its brand, for its own name, and for the function it performs.

Similarly, there are more and more apps competing for the same market: distributors, suppliers, fan apps, informational and opinion apps, and of course, competitor apps.

Characteristics of an ASO Project

An ASO project requires a prior analysis of visibility and the competition, to then optimise the control panel of the app within the store. We use tools to measure positioning, evolution, and various statistics which help us to be more efficient and see results more easily.

ASO projects normally consist of a set-up and a maintenance fee to help with updates and changes in uploading new versions, and ensure the correct functioning of the App (identifying large-scale eliminations of the app) and the progress of the position it has achieved.

Why do an ASO project with ROI UP?

We have experience in positioning multi-language aps with different geographical profiles for competitive sectors such as Internet security software and food.

Thanks to the staff at ROI UP Agency, who are native speakers of 13 languages, we can provide the translations needed to adapt the profile of the app to other languages and countries.

Our Creative Department adapts all the app's images for the devices required by the store markets (generally more than 10 different formats).

And finally, since the SEO Department at ROI UP Agency also optimises YouTube, we can optimise the video presentation of the app from an SEO perspective.

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