Multi-platform SEO

Multi-platform SEO doesn't only work on SEO for website positioning, it works simultaneously on positioning on multiple platforms and channels.

You can rank for your generic keywords on YouTube and Social Media, and sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. (if they are products).

What does multi-platform SEO do?

It improves positioning of a brand or generic terms within any huge online search platform: Google, YouTube, App Store, Google Play, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and also within ecommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

It's essential to work on the connection between keywords and convergent SEO strategies on online channels with a focus on the same objectives, such as presence, visibility, and traffic.

To do this, we create a Dynamic Content Strategy which includes a convergent net linking strategy which must be in line with the client's communication and online marketing strategy.

Why do a multi-platform SEO Project?

Access to information doesn't just depend on Google, so SEO shouldn’t be exclusive to this search engine.

Multi-platform SEO projects can be done for the generic terms of a brand's business, branded terms, or a mix of both.

When it is just a brand project, this is a multi-platform SEO ORM project.

It's important that neither your competitors nor your providers position better than you for terms which include your brand, which is why this type of project is often requested by communication departments instead of marketing or sales.

Why do this with ROI UP Agency?

The ROI UP Agency team are pioneers in this type of work, which SEO agencies don’t normally offer.

ROI UP Agency has extensive experience in ORM (Online Reputation Management), which is required in these projects. We are experts in what we do, and never sell things that we know can’t be done.

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