SEO on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest eCommerces in the world. It has a search engine which, like those of Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, offers results based on searches performed by users. More and more people are now searching directly on Amazon without going through Google, so if you have an eCommerce and are planning to sell your products on this platform, having an Amazon positioning strategy is almost compulsory.

In our Amazon SEO positioning strategies, we work on improving the positioning within the website both for specific products and vendor pages. By optimising the related keywords, the product content, and the images, we can improve ranking in Amazon’s search results.

Characteristics of a Strategy for Positioning on Amazon

Through an Amazon positioning strategy, we can optimise all the elements allowed by the platform, such as titles, descriptions, product categories, and images.

Why carry out an Amazon positioning strategy with ROI UP Agency?

Because these days, almost nobody implements positioning strategies for Amazon, despite its status as one of the biggest product sales platforms in the world. When you work with us, you will have the support of a team with over 10 years of experience in SEO.

In addition, at ROI UP Agency our staff are native speakers of 13 languages, so we can translate texts optimised for SEO on Amazon into languages such as French, English, German, and Italian.

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