There is a fundamental difference between what is understood by “SEO”, and the range of platforms on which a strategy can be implemented.

SEO can be defined generally in the following way:

We position what the client wants in the first few ranking positions on Google without having to pay the search engine anything.

However, SEO isn’t exclusively for websites.

ROI UP Agency does universal SEO.

We can perform organic positioning tasks for images, videos, news items, PDFs, and more.

When it comes to videos, for example, YouTube is the second most important search engine in the world – that’s why ROI UP Agency creates and implements SEO strategies to position brands and videos on this platform. This increases views, and the possibility of using the channel as a platform to enter a website.

SEO is not just organic positioning in search engines, or marketing on huge search engines. SEO can also be done on Amazon (shop, brand, products), as well as other websites and platforms which contain internal search engines, such as eBay and Etsy.

Similarly, we help to manage locations of companies and shops on Google Maps through Google MyBusiness.

In the SEO Department, we have more than 30 types of reports for audits, requirements, studies, and recommendations, depending on the needs, platforms, and reach of projects.

Everything we transmit is intended for two types of recipients: marketers and IT professionals. We write our documents so that they can be understood by those who have never heard of SEO, while the technical details are in the language of developers, explained specifically so that they understand and can do their job.

Our main deliverables in the SEO Department:

  •  Technical audits
  • Semantic Guides
  • Creation and optimisation of content
  • Texts
  • Videos (optimisation)
  • Images (optimisation
  • Status, maintenance, review reports, etc.
  • Metrics and project evolution reports
  • Training

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ROI UP continues to be a Google Premier Partner in 2022, positioning us in the top 3% of partners with the best results in Spain. Thanks to this insignia, we receive direct counselling from a Google team, training, and access to different betas before other agencies.