SEO Training

We create personalised SEO training for journalists and the communication/marketing teams who are going to generate the content of a website.

The objective is for them to write texts with SEO aspects in mind so that this content will be relevant for search engines like Google.

What does SEO content optimisation training include?

A SEO content optimisation class lasts around three to four hours. During this time, we explain the importance of semantic optimisation within an SEO project, its objective, and the success it can have. We also briefly explain how the search algorithm works and what makes a piece or series of content relevant for certain terms.

We also show how to define a keyword (for a specific search) for a specific piece of content as well as the basic concepts, with examples from the client's website, involved in writing an SEO text.

Characteristics of SEO Training

The training is adapted to the topics on the client's website, though the general advice is valid for any subject.

The classes are given in person, to small groups. The students are then provided with the content used in the training session, and after the class we will review two texts from each student. It’s important that first one text is written and reviewed, and then the second. If both are written and reviewed at once, the student loses the benefit of double feedback. When done in this way, it’s more likely that the concepts will be understood and applied correctly in practice.

SEO training can be given at ROI UP Agency or in client offices.

Training is available in Spanish and English.

Why do your SEO training with ROI UP Agency?

We have taught hundreds of training sessions which has shown us the best way to explain these concepts.

Some of our clients have been large communication companies which have trusted us to train their staff.

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