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Website positioning, also called SEO for websites, aims to improve ranking in free search results for a series of keywords.

These keywords are selected after completing a Visibility and Competitor study and creating a keyword strategy based on the needs of the website. We make a list of Golden keywords, the main project keywords upon which the rest of the strategy is based.

By improving the rankings for these search terms, we can increase traffic to the website with no need for an advertising investment.

Depending on requirements, the keywords are normally generic, not including the brand. However, positioning for branded keywords can also be important.

At ROI UP Agency, we offer 3-, 6-, and 12-month projects with the option for maintenance and extension, depending on the needs and objectives of clients. The most common and recommended option is a renewable, annual fee.

However, we recommend that every website, whatever its objective, has a few minimal SEO optimisations in place in order to receive visits through Google and other search engines for essential keywords for the site.

Whole projects are divided into the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Thorough understanding of the current status
  • Phase 2: Strategic foundation
  • Phase 3: Start of Technical and Semantic Strategy with Quick Wins. Resolve serious/ fundamental errors. Take advantage of big opportunities and those which are simple to carry out.
  • Phase 4: Development of the strategy
  • Phase 5: Strategy control based on KPI results
  • Systematic repetition of Phases 3,4, and 5.

General KPIs of a standard SEO project:

  • Impressions (branded/non-branded, depending on the positioning objectives)
  • Clicks (branded/non-branded, depending on the positioning objectives)
  • Traffic
  • Registrations (if the website has registrations)
  • Sales (if there are sales)

KPIs of Rankings by domain

  • Keywords defined in the Generic Keywords Strategy
  • Brand keywords (if required)
  • Product Brand keywords (if required)

Why do SEO with ROI UP?

We have a well-developed SEO methodology to ensure that our projects are as effective as possible for our clients.

  • Years of experience
  • Long-lasting relationships with our clients
  • Knowledge and experience in many competitive sectors (travel, banking, all types of ecommerce, telecommunications, insurance, health, automobiles, etc.)

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