Storytelling & Story Doing

How we address users and how we structure the narrative of our services, products, and added value is fundamental when it comes to gaining users’ interest and ensuring that they come back, becoming clients.

What is storytelling & story doing?

In marketing, storytelling is the technique which allows us to connect with those users through a story, one with a specific structure in which there is a plot and characters.

In the era of more experiential marketing, connecting with users’ emotions is fundamental. We must reach not only their more rational side, with facts which explain the benefits, added value, qualities, etc., but also their emotions, their more instinctive side, their heart.

Although this technique is frequent in traditional marketing, with the explosion of online marketing it has found its most natural environment: connecting brands with people through stories which generate long-term, loyal relationships.

If to this we add advertising vision, we have begun a new phase in which the classic storytelling moves to a new category: story doing. From speaking about the brand, its benefits, its values, and its essence through attractive and powerful stories, we have moved on to an experiential model. It’s not about telling users something, it’s about having them live that experience with the brand. This is Story Doing.

Why choose ROI UP Agency for Storytelling & Story Doing?

Because through story doing, at ROI UP Agency we create content and experiences in which user loyalty is the main objective. Through these techniques, we generate high levels of engagement and a great impact on social media because, as users live these experiences themselves, they share them: this is what we call User Generated Content.

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