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As a SEO-friendly, multilingual, Branded Content agency, we search for new ways to connect with users, clients, and potential clients, which has become a challenge for brands. Traditional forms of marketing, based on impact through adverts, now face new competitors: less invasive ways to show consumers brands’ positive qualities.

One of the strategies which has gained ground over the last few years is “Branded Content”. In a market that is saturated with advertising and information, originality and the ability to surprise and excite users has become the fundamental goal when it comes to transmitting a brand’s message and above all, achieving loyalty and purchase (of services, products, etc.).

Branded Content is a content marketing strategy which is based on generating brand content in a way that creates a connection and emotional link with the consumer. It’s not about listing the benefits of a brand, nor is it a traditional sales pitch. Branded Content aims to be creative and different, inspiring users to talk about these stories and therefore, the brand.

What are the benefits of Branded Content?

Experience over the last few years has shown us that, both for SMEs and big businesses, the best way to gain loyal consumers is to provide them with a satisfactory experience. We want users to love us not because we tell them we are the best, but because they have seen and experienced it themselves.

Through Branded Content, we can offer users this experience through stories which are created with the marketing and communication strategy, the brand’s differential values, and our objectives in mind.

Thanks to Branded Content, we can go one step further on from the traditional marketing strategy. We can generate stories which last and which increase the engagement and reach of both offline and online actions.

A Branded Content strategy goes beyond sales to focus, instead, on awareness, on the relationship with users, on impacting them in a different and long-lasting way, with advantages such as:

  • Increasing engagement. Through this content we create an emotional link with users, which enables us to build long-term relationships and encourage loyalty.
  • Increasing interaction. Through quality content such as images, videos, and texts, we can more easily impact the user, provoking a reaction and interaction.
  • Creating community. A piece of content that a user falls in love with is one which is shared and commented on more often. It also facilitates the connection with other users, favouring a growth in values, empathy, and connections around the brand.
  • Generating leads. Branded Content strategies have become the best way to achieve registrations and brand positioning.


Why choose ROI UP Agency for your Branded Content strategy?

As a multi-language, SEO-friendly Branded Content agency, here at ROI UP Agency we create exciting stories about brands which help to organically encourage conversation about their products and services among users, resulting in both short- and long-term benefits.

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