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As a multi-language, SEO-friendly content agency, we know that there is an infinite amount of information online. In fact, controlling and filtering each piece of new information created on the Internet each second is one of the main challenges of any Social Media department. Knowing the trends followed on online media websites, blogs, and Social Media is a big opportunity for brands, but the information must be filtered and interpreted correctly. This is precisely the work we do at ROI UP Agency through SEO-friendly Content Marketing strategy and Content Curation.

What does a SEO-Friendly Content Factory project involve?

Content Factory projects involve the creation of a strategy which leads to the optimisation of the brand or company’s presence through its online content: from its website to Social Media. This includes defining relevant topics, the key messages to be transmitted, the best formats, and the most suitable channels according to the objectives and the target audience.

From design and original creation to content curation, Content Factory activities are carried out from the point of view of an artisan; we take the utmost care in writing our texts to ensure that they fit in with the strategy and the objectives while being attractive to users.  

In less than a minute on the Internet there are:

  • More than 98,000 tweets tweeted.
  • More than 2,000 new blog entries posted.
  • 20 hours of video uploaded to YouTube.

As a multi-language, SEO-friendly content agency, with a team of native speakers of 13 languages, we can offer multi-language content creation and search engine optimisation: our team is trained not just in translating content but in localising it, in a way that always has search engines in mind (SEO).

Why do a Content Factory project with ROI UP Agency?

Because we put ourselves in the user’s shoes. With the help of tools set up specifically with the interests of the brand in mind, we filter and analyse content to:

  • Select the right topics for the client.
  • Optimise the company’s communication strategy.
  • Publish our own content, taking the interests of the consumers into account.

Content Curation builds brand awareness, since it involves constantly gathering relevant information in order to create content. It’s the right path for increasing the number of publications on the company’s own channels without sacrificing effect, since:

  • It keeps the company and therefore users up to date on relevant topics.
  • It provides added value for the final user.
  • It generates engagement on the brand’s online profiles.

Here at ROI UP Agency, we have extensive experience in creating multi-language content for websites, blogs, landing pages, Social Media, etc., which is always optimised for search engines in competitive sectors such as technology, travel, and lifestyle.  

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