Social Media Strategy: Local and International

What do you need to take into account when establishing a local or international Social Media strategy? In the Social Media Department at ROI UP Agency, every day we see how thousands of companies and businesses are present on Social Media, but not all of them understand why.

A brand strategy on Social Media can be carried out on a national or international level, going far beyond the mere presence of a brand on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And, when it comes to analysing the results achieved, it’s not enough to focus just on numbers such as how many fans we have, how many pieces of content were shared, or how many comments were received. We must be ambitious and create a Social Media strategy which defines the objectives that will enable companies and organisations to improve their brand image in the minds of users.

Characteristics of a Social Media Strategy

When creating a Social Media strategy, one of the main goals is to improve the image and awareness of the brand. This is done through the creation of valuable content which is adapted to suit each of the platforms where the company has a corporate profile.

However, the content published on the company Social Media profiles and blogs must always take into account the needs and interests of users. The online sale of products, reservations, market trends, building client loyalty, and lead generation are just some of the possible objectives of a Social Media strategy.

Why choose ROI UP Agency for your Social Media Strategy?

Through Social Media strategy, we organise, plan, and adapt the different media available to the company to establish a direct line of communication with current and potential clients. This is the best way to achieve the objectives set out in the brand strategy.

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