Social Media Listening & Monitoring (ORM)

An essential part of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is having a native team who monitor what is being said about a brand, manage alerts, and intervene when necessary.

What brand can survive without knowing what’s being said about it on the Internet, and more specifically, on Social Media? Social Media Monitoring is a fundamental part of this awareness, and in the Social Media Department at ROI UP Agency we keep an eye on what is being published about a topic or specific brand on a daily basis.

Social Media Listening is not an activity which can be performed once a year, or whenever we feel like it. To be effective, it must be a constant and continuous process, helping us to identify needs; collect data; create a strategy of action; and prevent potential crises. It also provides us with data with which to measure the effect and frequency of what is being said about a brand and assess the impact, and understand what users and competitors are saying.


Characteristics of ORM Social Media Listening & Monitoring

Why do we use Social Monitoring here at ROI UP Agency? Firstly, it provides us with valuable information about users, which is a good opportunity to understand the opinions of current and potential clients.

Similarly, it enables us to analyse how our users think and behave, to therefore understand them better and offer them what they really need. And it’s all done instantly.

We understand the many advantages offered by Social Monitoring, for example, the opportunity to measure the acceptance of a campaign, see the reach it has achieved both inside and outside the community; identify product/service failures through consumer opinions; and avoid possible reputation crises.

In short, ORM Social Listening & Monitoring is key to improving communication strategies and creating a protocol to anticipate any unforeseen situation.

Why choose ROI UP Agency for Social Listening & Monitoring?

At ROI UP Agency, we set up a real-time alerts system which offers the client information as soon as it is generated. In this way, we can anticipate any issue which may arise and create a suitable media and Social Media communication strategy. Being proactive is a must!

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