Inbound Marketing

Here at ROI UP Agency we understand that Inbound Marketing in a basic brand strategy is about attracting clients, not pursuing them. It enables users to find the brand on the Internet without feeling bothered. This objective is achieved through a non-aggressive process which many experts call “love marketing”, with the creation of quality content. Let’s go into more detail.

Characteristics of Inbound Marketing

As experts in digital marketing, we understand that Inbound Marketing is a method which aims to contact the client and accompany them throughout the purchase process. This is achieved by making suitable content available to the client at every stage of the purchase process, depending on the specifics of each profile, and providing value and brand awareness at all times.

It’s a friendly way to strike up a relationship with the consumer from the moment they show interest in a product, through to purchase, and finally to building a sense of loyalty to the brand. The results speak for themselves: databases become larger, the number of registrations and visits to a website increase, and it’s also a fantastic strategy for branding and improving a brand’s image.

Inbound marketing is based on four phases which correspond to the stages of the user’s purchase process:

  • Attraction
  • Conversion
  • Education
  • Close and loyalty

In the first phase, attraction, the user is directed to a website with information that is useful for them. This is where the second phase, conversion, begins: converting visits to a webpage into registrations for a database. In the education phase, the users receive useful information for their purchase process, through two techniques: Lead scoring, qualifying leads to see what point in the purchase phase the user is at; or Lead nurturing, sending personalised information to the user depending on the purchase phase they are at, taking the profile and behaviour of the consumer into account.

Lastly, it is vital to take care of clients during the close phase so that these clients become loyal to the brand on the Internet.

Why choose ROI UP Agency for Inbound Marketing?

We have helped many companies to improve their communication with users thanks to Inbound Marketing. We know that the most important thing is to understand the client or user as part of an environment which must be maintained, and not as someone we only want because they are useful to us.

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