Influencer Marketing

It is hard to deny that Social Media has changed the relationship between consumers and brands, as well as how different channels influence customer purchasing decisions. That’s why more and more businesses are opting for influencer marketing, which involves working with personalities who have great influence on Social Media, and impacting their followers.

This has come, in part, from the use of ad blockers in Internet browsers, forcing advertisers to explore new ways to promote their products or services. The world of bloggers and YouTubers is now firmly in the spotlight as far as brands are concerned.

Characteristics of Influencer Marketing

To create a successful Influencer Marketing strategy, we must analyse the influencer’s communication, the personality which would best fit the brand's objectives, and the personal opinions which might go against the company’s values. The number of followers on the influencer’s profile shouldn’t be the only criteria in selecting who to work with. In fact, several studies have shown that influencers with a huge number of followers generate lower engagement than other “celebrities” whose communities are smaller.

Different studies have shown some very positive results:

  • 85% of users say that they follower influencers on Social Media.
  • 88% of influencers' followers are women, and 71% follow them for informational purposes.
  • Topics of most interest are current issues, politics, society, and fashion.

Why choose ROI UP Agency for your Influencer Marketing project?

Our team knows that in order to achieve results through Influencer Marketing actions, it’s not enough to rely on the fame of an influencer; we must also factor in how credible their followers see them to be. In the Social Media Department at ROI UP Agency we develop our influencer marketing strategies taking into account the need to measure and segment the profiles which may best transmit the message the brand is interested in.

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