Multilingual Community Management

As a multilingual Social Media agency, ROI UP Agency has an in-house team of Community Managers who are native speakers of 13 languages.

Nowadays, there are more methods than ever for consumers and brands to communicate. In this digital transformation, intermediaries step aside for the customers to speak directly to the brand themselves. These days, a big part of this interaction with companies takes place on Social Media. To take advantage of this new reality, it is necessary to understand not just Social Media, but also marketing strategy.

Characteristics of Multilingual Community Management

Once a company has an international presence, effectively managing this presence and their digital communication on social platforms is vital. Our multilingual team enables us to offer Community Management services from Spain in the following languages:

  1. CM in British English (United Kingdom)
  2. CM in American English (United States)
  3. CM in Spanish (Spain)
  4. CM in Spanish (Mexico)
  5. CM in Spanish (Colombia)
  6. CM in Portuguese (Portugal)
  7. CM in Portuguese Brazil
  8. CM in Italian
  9. CM in German
  10. CM in French
  11. CM in Catalan
  12. CM in Valencian
  13. CM in Galician

This knowledge of marketing leads us to multilingual Community Management, which takes care of a brand’s communication and reputation in the digital world. In the ROI UP Agency Social Media department, we know that this task is fundamental when it comes to preserving the values and image of a brand.

In our agency, our Community Managers are specialist professionals with a background in journalism, communication, or philology, with.

  • Good communication knowledge.
  • Great writing skills.
  • Empathy, as they have to be able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

It’s vital for the Community Manager to understand the sector of the brand they manage, identifying competitors, trends, and what’s new. Their other skills include patience, knowing how to listen, being observant, and having the ability to identify and resolve conflict. At ROI UP Agency versatility is a key trait of community managers.

Why choose ROI UP Agency for your multilingual Community Management?

At ROI UP Agency, we offer the best community management service for your business: we know how to listen to and help the community in a proactive way; we analyse the interests of users to create and share content which provides value; we start conversations with the community to improve relationships and increase the loyalty of current and potential clients; we monitor content to measure its impact; and we analyse results. This is a field of work which is both creative and analytical. With the correct strategy, it will provide your business with innumerable benefits, such as sculpting your brand image on Social Media and preventing reputation crises; driving traffic to the corporate website or the online store; generating leads for your campaigns; and increasing sales.

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