Paid Social or Social Ads Marketing

For the Performance Department at ROI UP Agency, Paid Social strategies are the best way not only to obtain real ROI (return on investment) from Social Media, but also to measure and optimise this ROI to see that it is truly effective.

With the overwhelming quantity of content now generated on Social Media, by brands and advertisers as well as users themselves, it’s easy to get lost in the noise.

Here at the agency, we believe that sponsored posts or links offer greater visibility, making it easier to achieve objectives: generating quality traffic, leads, and sales.

When it comes to advertising, one of the main advantages offered by Social Media is the possibility to thoroughly segment audiences. This allows us to speak directly to our target audience and personalise our message depending on this audience. This not only increases engagement from users, but also encourages actions beyond just a like or comment, such as filling in a form or making a purchase.

One of the most useful advantages of paid social strategies is the option for complete monitoring of the results achieved. This then allows analysis and optimisation according to the desired objectives.

Characteristics of a Paid Social strategy

To create an effective paid social strategy, here in the Performance Department at ROI UP Agency we focus understanding several key aspects:

  • What are our objectives?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • What type of content do we want to share?

Depending on each one of these guidelines, we can choose the platform which best fits our budget and our goals, whether these are visibility, lead capture, or purchases in the ecommerce.

Main paid social platforms:

  • Facebook Ads: this is a platform which offers many attractive features when it comes to creating adverts, since there are different levels of segmentation (geography, age, interests, marital status…), allowing ads to impact a very specific audience. It also enables campaigns to be created according to different objectives (lead capture, website visits, website conversions, likes on the fan page…), and offers different advertising formats (video, image, carrousel…).
  • Twitter: allows tweets to be promoted quickly and easily, increasing visibility and improving engagement from users.
  • Instagram: enables organisation of audiences according to different topics or interests, facilitating audience segmentation. This is one of the platforms which works best in terms of advertising; its structure means that promoted content is mixed with user content, and as it occupies the whole screen, also captures the interest of users more effectively.
  • LinkedIn: Given its characteristics, and the type of audience it reaches, this is an excellent platform for B2B marketing and segmentation by profession.

Why implement a Paid Social strategy with ROI UP Agency?

Because of our focus on increasing the ROI of Social Media Performance actions. Because of our knowledge of Social Ads and ability to implement different strategies on various current Social Media platforms. We have professionals who specialise in Paid Social, so you can see how your advertising investment in Social Media achieves the defined objectives.

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