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In the Performance Department at ROI UP Agency, we develop Paid Search campaigns (also called PPC) with a focus on achieving the best return on investment for our clients. Our team has been awarded with certifications proving both their knowledge and professionalism while ROI UP Agency is a Google Premier Partner as a result of our work in paid search. In addition, we also count on the support of our performance creative team, 7 of whom are certified in Google Studio.

As an SEA Agency (Search Engine Advertising), we are experts in creating Paid Search strategies which use search platforms (such as Google or Bing) as an advertising format. Paid Search actions on search engines offer us a quick, efficient, and economic way to reach the audience who are most likely to become potential clients. SEA enables us to impact these users in the exact moment when they are searching for our product or service.

Are you looking for a multilingual Paid Search Agency?

Our Performance team is made up of native speakers to offer the following services:

  • PPC in English – United Kingdom
  • PPC in French
  • PPC in German
  • PPC in Portuguese
  • PPC in Spanish – Spain
  • PPC in Spanish – Mexico
  • PPC in Spanish – Colombia

In addition, in our in-house content service we have native speakers of US English, Italian, Catalan, Galician, Valencian, etc.

What are the basic concepts we should understand when implementing a Search Engine Advertising (SEA) project?

To take full advantage of paid search strategies, understanding how search engines work is fundamental. Paid Search is based on a series of basic concepts:

  • Levels: In general, paid search campaigns are organised on three levels: campaign, ad group, and ads. Each level permits different specific configurations such as budget, bids, bid adjustment depending on device, locations, keywords…
  • Keywords: these are key concepts or words which are used to connect user searches with specific ads. In contrast, negative keywords allow us to establish a series of terms which we want to disassociate from our campaigns, concepts for which we don’t want to appear in search results.
  • Bids system: the adverts are governed by a strategy of bids, which work at different levels. Advertisers can, for example, establish a specific bid for each keyword depending on the relevance given to each of these words. In this way, the ranking of ads is organised.
  • Ad Quality: to ensure that the ads shown correspond at all times to user searches, they are given a quality level based on different concepts (bid, copy, destination url, ad extensions…).

Why implement a Paid Search strategy with ROI UP Agency?

One of the many advantages offered by SEA strategies compared to other marketing tactics is opportunity. In the Performance Department, we create a strategy based on the best keywords and choose the moment in the purchase funnel at which we want to appear: when the user is searching for information, when they want to buy products, or when they are already in the purchase phase.

All our work is backed up by data. We create reports for each of the campaigns we carry out, making sure we have a record of the evolution of our strategies. This enables us to analyse performance in detail so that we can understand user behaviour and more easily optimise our campaigns and achieve our objectives.

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ROI UP is a Google
Premier Partner
ROI UP continues to be a Google Premier Partner in 2022, positioning us in the top 3% of partners with the best results in Spain. Thanks to this insignia, we receive direct counselling from a Google team, training, and access to different betas before other agencies.