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As an agency with a clear focus on Performance, Email Marketing is an essential part of our direct response strategies. Thanks to its characteristics, it offers many advantages compared to more traditional media.

Characteristics of Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing is a very economic method if we consider the traditional costs of an advertising campaign.
  • This strategy enables the automated delivery of emails both to lists of current clients and to lists purchased from third parties.
  • It makes two types of communication possible: large-scale delivery to large lists of users (promotions, offers, news…), or personalised and individual delivery to unique users (reservation confirmation, purchase receipt, order summary…).
  • In many ways, it is a much more direct method of communication. Firstly, because we are talking directly to a user with their name and surname, which makes it much more familiar and personalised. Secondly, this is a channel which offers no distractions; the attention is focused on the message. It is a good opportunity to capture the user’s interest, which is why the most important information must be communicated.
  • Personalised communication is very useful, both for a large-scale method, and for individual deliveries. Understanding the users we are talking to is a very competitive advantage that shouldn’t be wasted.
  • Email marketing offers a greater response rate than other advertising channels, because of the possibility to direct messages to specific users, personalising the content according to their interests.
  • As it’s such a direct channel, it’s much easier to obtain user feedback. This feedback is essential for future communication.
  • The multidevice nature of this method enables much greater coverage, enabling us to reach users regardless of their schedule or location.
  • Reporting is almost immediate, offering interesting statistics such as reach, message open rate, and other information of interest for measuring the effectiveness of our strategy.

Why implement an Email Marketing strategy with the Performance Department at ROI UP Agency?

Because of our focus on optimising ROI, we carry out Email Marketing actions which are focused on the continual improvement of objectives to meet our clients’ needs and achieving the best possible return on investment. Email Marketing helps us to establish strategies which increase the possibility of directly reaching a great number of people, and at a low cost compared to other types of campaigns.

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