Omnichannel Performance Strategy

As our name indicates, here at ROI UP Agency our focus is on omnichannel performance. We offer users continuity in their experience with a brand, regardless of the channel they’re using.

Characteristics of an Omnichannel Performance Strategy

The omnichannel performance strategy removes the traditional linearity of working with each format separately. It aims for continuous presence, integrating this experience into all platforms so that the advertiser is connected with their audience at all times.

As a performance agency, our strategy offers the advertiser some big advantages:

  • Increase the efficiency of communication
  • Strengthen the presence of the brand or advertiser
  • Stay in the consumer’s top of mind
  • Achieve several objectives (branding, sales…)
  • Easily measure the profitability of the different channels
  • Assess and analyse the different elements which influence the phases prior to or after achieving an objective (purchase, lead…)

With the quantity of channels now available to the consumer, this is a strategy which can’t be ignored. Especially in the digital world, where you can quickly and easily be left behind.

Why trust ROI UP Agency’s omnichannel performance strategy?

In the Performance Department at ROI UP Agency, we have a team of over 20 performance professionals who, thanks to their work with clients in a range of sectors, offer our clients a wealth of experience.

The most advanced performance strategies are omnichannel, which enables us to measure how they affect our digital investment in the offline world, and vice versa. As an omnichannel agency, with a clear focus on the results of every action, we are always measuring the effect of the Adwords investment on the physical point of sale, actions through mobile which drive the point of sale, and how offline promotions affect the ecommerce.

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