Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is based mainly on achieving the objectives set by the advertiser. Unlike other marketing strategies, this option is carried out through intermediaries, the affiliates. The role of these affiliates is to direct relevant traffic to the advertiser, so that this advertiser obtains their desired results (sales, registrations, downloads…).

Characteristics of an Affiliate Marketing strategy

The process is simple: the affiliates, generally web pages or blogs, insert adverts on their platforms. This enables a greater number of users to be impacted by these adverts, and many of these decide to go to the advertiser’s website.

One of the main advantages offered by this strategy is the segmentation of the audience: every webpage, because of the content it offers, is oriented to a specific audience with certain characteristics. This enables the advertiser to specifically select relevant affiliates for their target audience, maximising the probability of impacting this audience and therefore obtaining the desired results.

For ROI UP Agency, this strategy benefits both the advertiser (who only pays when results are achieved), and the affiliate (who obtains a commission for every objective reached). Websites, affiliate networks, and databases are some types of affiliates, and each one offers a range of possibilities for the advertiser.

Why implement an Affiliate Marketing strategy with ROI UP Agency?

As there are so many affiliates, it’s important to perform exhaustive tracking of the data - both the reach and the results (impressions, clicks, conversions…). The Performance Department at ROI UP Agency can interpret all this data to create more successful strategies and campaigns. In this way, we understand the function of each one in the purchase funnel and facilitate the optimisation of future results.

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