The key of any business is to reach its perfect target and offer them an effective message in order to convince them that they´re the better option. In the digital world, there are many attribution points through a whole lot of different platforms: performance, social media, influencers, and a long list.

Many other actions require an economic investment and the optimization of this specific impacts are equally important, such as metrics like CPA (cost per acquisition o effective sale) and the CPL (cost per lead). These two metrics are the key for a profitable strategy.

One of the main points for this is a landing page on which we can link different actions. Often, the optimization of these landing pages make the difference on the success or failure of a campaign.

DAAS Suite allows the creation of optimized landing pages offering a big advantage for your campaigns:

  • Campaign centralization: campaigns usually impact on users through different channels. Using a unique URL lets you centralize all the communication in one same platform, giving you the control over your own campaigns.
  • Integrated assets: DAAS Suite lets you incorporate assets that offer an added value to the users in exchange of their email addresses and phone numbers to increase your number of leads.
  • SEO Optimization: DAAS Suite creates these pages with a unique URL under your own domain. This makes you able to target correctly every single one of your campaigns, including optimized information to enhance your organic positioning, impacting your users avoiding an additional cost.
  • No vanishing points: landing pages are independent, and with no browsing menus in order to increase the conversion rate.
  • Objective message with information hierarchy: these pages centralize their message in the campaign’s objective, being able to clear the information as far as needed in order to improve the user experience. With the approach of one landing for one objective, we´ll be able to improve the conversion rate significantly.
  • Independent metrics: using landing pages as the main point of our campaigns, lets us separate the analysis stage, avoiding noise from other sources, being able to optimize actions based on the data.
  • A/B/N tests to improve the performance: with the friendly usage of the editing builder of the landing pages you´re able to develop CRO cycles helping you improve the performance, testing different copies, color, images, and adjusting them to obtain a better conversion rate.

Landing pages are a key point on acquisition and CRO strategies and a tool that impacts directly the ROI of your digital strategy.

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