Those of this type are founded on structured sales forces with a large number of salespeople and distribution networks, diluting efforts and generating negative impacts on your potential customers.

DAAS Suite enables you to improve the quality of your contacts and automatically obtain a score which allows marketing and sales departments to improve the quality of their time, closing better sales and increasing the ROI of your company’s actions.

Some of the actions offered by DAAS Suite to improve the profitability of your sales network:

  • Easily develop landing pages and forms: Structuring your company’s communication well and creating elements without leakage points enables you to improve the return on your investment in performance and generate a qualified entrance point for new leads.

These landings can be used as a source of leads, whether these are operated by consumers or by the sales force or customer service. They are perfect for generating an immediate qualification and monitoring both digital campaigns and offline events.

  • Create automatic tracking: Often, the quantity of leads generated by events or campaigns can exceed the abilities of the sales department. Designing an automatic tracking model, in which the client is given relevant information and the sales department is advised when the lead reaches optimal maturity, enables you to improve reaction times and categorise leads according to real interest.

These monitoring actions can be created to reoccur at intervals of time which are personalised to fit the needs of your company, generating periodic reminders which allow you to maintain contact with your entire database with little effort.

  • Optimise your inbound marketing strategy: B2B and assisted sales companies drink directly from content and the creation of a blog on which to offer customers valuable information and create long-lasting links with them. DAAS Suite enables you to automate newsletter delivery so that all you have to do is generate the content.
  • Integration with virtual call centre: diligent customer service is key in any business. DAAS Suite allows you to include calls within your strategy to easily mature and qualify leads. This integration enables you to achieve a large quantity of key information from your contacts and improve the results of the sales force.

DAAS Suite is a different way to think about marketing strategies, increasing your opportunities exponentially and improving your company’s efficiency.

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