The culture of immediacy affects all fields; the consumer is investing less and less time in searching for products on different websites, instead going straight to the one which offers the best service. 

The success of an ecommerce depends on agility, an intuitive setup, and whether it offers added value for the user.

For these reasons, DAAS Suite has a complete set of tools which will help you, supported by ROI UP Agency, to define strategies which provide the customer with added value and will enable you to achieve a new level of marketing for your ecommerce. The current trend is a return to customer culture, to the personalisation of services, and one-to-one management of the store.

CRM strategies, a key differential factor

Given the demands of users when it comes to buying on the internet, having a CRM strategy and a platform which enables you to carry it out is a key value in the market.

With DAAS Suite you can:

  •          Identify your active users
  •          Understand individual purchasing habits and act on them
  •          Create flows to bring back users who have not interacted for a while
  •          Generate automatic communications to improvement the engagement of your customers
  •          Create complex loyalty-building flows which increase the “life time value” of your database.

These are some of the actions that you will be able to optimise thanks to DAAS Suite’s automation technology. Thanks to this type of strategy, you will not only achieve a better brand positioning but also improve the number of potential buyers.

A global vision and a second opportunity

The Internet knows advertising. As a company based on ROI, we know that one of the keys to a digital business is effective attraction marketing. Two key sources of traffic are the Google network and social media, supported by a good performance strategy.

With DAAS Suite, you can get a global vision of all your customers from one platform and easily generate more impacts on all your users, bringing back customers who, through performance alone, you would have lost.

DAAS Suite is a different way of thinking about marketing strategies, exponentially increasing your options and sales on your ecommerce.

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