The basic customer lifecycle used to be: Discovering, consideration and conversion. During the last years, the number of commercial impacts that a lead gets every single day has increased notably, and the key point for success is customer tracking to find their moment of truth.

Every sector and business have their own methodology and issues, but optimizing that point is the key to increase the ROI.

Account based marketing lets you improve the conversion rate and increases the value of non- buying customers that come from performance campaigns, directly increasing the ROI of every marketing action.

These actions are the key for B2B and direct sale strategies, and can be applied in B2C and ecommerce businesses. DAAS Suite gives you the tools you need to implement a successful and effective ABM strategy:

  • User identification: To work 1 to 1 strategies
  • Lead Scoring: To identify your customers´ moment of truth
  • Centralized communication: To impact with the right message to each customer
  • Cloud centralized tool: Allows you to have the information centralized at all times
  • 360º customer information: API integration with different and various platforms

DAAS Suite lets you integrate different technology layers to feed customer information with 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, allowing you to make better strategies and leading your customers experience to a higher level. A key technology for ABM and customer experience is CRM and virtual call center platforms.

Using marketing automation tools, like DAAS Suite, lets you develop better fidelity and reengaging strategies. DAAS Suite triggers automatic actions based on each user´s customer journey, giving them right information in the right moment, both to customer and your team, This is how your commercial strategies can turn out to be more effective and even lowering your CPA.

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