ROI UP´s virtual Call Center is an integrated platform in DAAS Suite that offers a different scope to the customer service process. This service is especially useful for B2B companies and assisted sales, increasing the effectiveness on performance strategies targeted to your landing pages.

It also offers many other things such as:

  • Agile communication processes: Either through call me back actions or user monitoring, our call center has a proven efficiency to increase conversions, making it a key element to optimize the user´s response time.
  • Humanizes the Brand: During the information and chatbot era, it always has been interesting to listen to a real voice. The person behind the call center offers a personalized and familiar experience, giving clients the trust that they are looking for.

Some businesses are especially sensitive when processing data, such as the sanitary industry. The discretion and anonymity are the key for the clients, that in many cases, perceive form interactions as a cold approach or not that reliable. Including a person behind that phone call offers the client the sense of safeness, making it easier to obtain useful data in order to set an appointment or give them the needed support.

  • Less structural costs: The difference with any other traditional call centers, DAAS Suite´s virtual is based on a software, making it easier to give an efficient service with much lower cost of resources and a minimum infrastructure.
  • Call tracking: being able to track the metrics is the driving force of any successful strategy. Through the call center you can have all the information on real time. It can be integrated with the DAAS Suite´s Marketing Automation platform and you CRM, giving you a full sight of the effective actions you plan and the customer service.
  • Integration with automated strategies: One of the most efficient ways to increase the call center´s ROI is by integrating it on ABM strategies, where the alerts are redirected to the customer service department always in the right moment of the customer journey. This can be applied either during fidelity processes or any other feedback and reactivation actions.

It´s clear that the with the virtual call center it´s easier to drastically improve your marketing actions for your clients or for your own internal processes.

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