Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation is a method of examining the usability characteristics of a digital product. In the ROI UP Agency Digital Product Department, we use this type of analysis to improve the usability of websites and make them more accessible to users, achieving the necessary data to create a suitable environment in which the target audience can navigate comfortably and easily.

Characteristics of a Heuristic Evaluation project

Heuristic Evaluation is carried out by bringing the product design face to face with a series of established usability principles, which are: visibility of the system; user control and freedom; consistency and coherence; recognition over recall; flexibility and efficiency of use; error prevention; and help and documentation.

Thanks to the experience we have in different sectors on established use cases, the ROI UP Agency Digital Product Department is able to efficiently carry out this review 

Why do Heuristic Evaluation with ROI UP Agency?

As a digital product agency, we create a report which contains aspects for improvement organised by urgency, importance, and effort. This helps us to provide the client with a continual improvement in their services, with the aim of attracting more users who will stay longer on their site. This report can be done periodically and incorporated into the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) cycles, which helps improve the user’s experience and make the website more usable.

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