Predictive Analysis

The Predictive Analysis service at ROI UP Agency helps us to integrate data from the CRMs of each client, as well as the web data collected from all types of devices, including mobile phones, Social Media, demographic data, economic data, and data from online and offline surveys.

 Characteristics of a Predictive Analysis Project

A Predictive Analysis project uses all these elements to accomplish the established objectives, and non-structured data to build models that help our clients to make the right decisions and achieve their strategic goals.

Running a predictive analysis project in the optimum way is essential when it comes to achieving the best results in every action.

Why implement a Predictive Analysis strategy with ROI UP Agency?

At ROI UP Agency, we believe that the predictive model is crucial for obtaining return on investment in data. Through these critical models, based on the true needs of our clients, we build a tier of Business Intelligence.

Our predictive models utilise variable selection algorithms and validation methods which use best practices in noise elimination to deliver precise predictions based on trustworthy, usable forecasts.

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