DMP – Data Management Platform

Running a Data Management Platform (DMP) is essential for any Data & Business Intelligence project to function correctly. It allows information from different leads to be centralised and therefore correctly and easily interpreted.

Characteristics of a DMP Project

A DMP Project doesn’t just collect and organise data, it also makes it available to other platforms (such as DSP, SSP, etc.) so it can be used in specific advertising and to improve the outcome of a campaign.

The data is created and stored daily to provide an actionable perspective for companies which want to manage audiences beyond the standard analytical tools.

Why create a DMP strategy with ROI UP Agency?

The ROI UP Agency Data Management Platform collects, saves, and sorts the digital data obtained from any information source, whether it is online, offline, or on mobile. In the ROI UP Agency Data & Business Intelligence Department, we offer the Smart Pixel service under different conditions with support for web applications and with the export / import of semi-automated segments with transparent system monitoring.

At ROI UP Agency we also offer the possibility to work with SDK for mobile devices as an added value, therefore closing the circle in line with our omnichannel philosophy and 360º online marketing services.

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