Media Relationships

The right media relationships, in which there is fluid interaction between both parties, is fundamental for a successful communication strategy. In PR, we design actions which involve journalists and the media to successfully transmit messages in any area.

Characteristics of a Media relationship project

In a media relationship project with ROI UP Agency:

  • We manage relationships with the media, facilitating fluid communication between journalists and the company.
  • We have excellent personal and professional relationships with different journalists in different media companies.
  • We closely and carefully monitor the appearance of new forms of journalism and study how this affects the management of our clients’ communication.
  • We organise the events which are necessary to guarantee success in transmitting messages: press conferences, seminars, presentations, and other events.
  • We prepare spokespeople to make their task more effective.

Why do a Media Relationship project with ROI UP Agency?

The experience of the communication team at ROI UP Agency, after our fusion with Artelier Communication, is the best guarantee for success in our clients’ projects.

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