Institutional Relations

Institutional relations are a fundamental pillar in the communication strategy of any company, so at ROI UP Agency we create actions to maximise the benefits of this contact between the company and the different public or private organisations.

Characteristics of an Institutional Relations project

  • Institutional mapping: we establish and select our clients’ institutional audiences.
  • We organise the relevant meetings to carry out the institutional relations plan.
  • We carry out the institutional relations plan in accordance with the established objectives.
  • We establish a communication strategy to achieve the defined objectives in each of the institutions of interest.
  • We prepare the company documents for the institution meetings.
  • We attend all the events in our clients’ sectors so that their company is present at as many debate forums as possible.
  • We work to ensure that the company is represented in all areas of interest to them and to their stakeholders.

Why do an Institutional Relations strategy with ROI UP Agency?

The Communication and Events Department at ROI UP Agency offers clients the best institutional relations strategies with the aim of boosting their development in their company’s sector.

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