At ROI UP Agency, we buy media as part of our 360 Marketing strategies without losing sight of our marketing DNA.

As an omnichannel media agency, we plan multichannel media strategies in which our team meets the needs of our clients in campaigns on traditional media such as television.


What types of television campaigns can we do at ROI UP Agency?

  • Traditional Media Buying: Cost per GRP and discount, in a mix of time slots adapted to the purchase target.
  • Special Media Buying: Sponsorships, Product Placement, Advertising content within a programme (by programme host), Morphing, etc.

Nowadays, the medium of television gives us the opportunity to interact with our target through mobile devices (PC, mobile, tablet).

We must also take into account that thanks to “SMART TV” models, traditional TV has turned into online or connected TV. This type of television offers a huge range of communication opportunities.

Why choose ROI UP Agency for your television campaigns?

As an omnichannel media agency, we work with all nationwide television channels in Spain, both free and paid. We manage the planning, negotiation, purchase, monitoring, and close of every campaign.

Here at ROI UP Agency, our team has extensive experience in managing television campaigns and a long list of satisfied clients.

(EGM - General Media Research Spain- 2º Ed. 2017: Leading media outlet in terms of penetration with 85.7%)

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