Though it reaches a smaller audience, cinema guarantees us a greater awareness and impact than any other media. This is because the viewer watching a film at the cinema is predisposed to see and listen to the message.

Why do cinema ad campaigns?

Our Media Department’s experience in cinema allows us to implement strategies which offer great segmentation options: from campaigns for a specific city (depending on the film), to strategies which are based on the film’s genre or which run through specific periods of time.

What’s more, our experience in the many campaigns we have managed means that we are able to negotiate at a discount or cost per spectator.

Why trust ROI UP Agency in your cinema ad campaigns?

Because at ROI UP Agency we work on omnichannel strategies, something which enables us to be present from the spectator’s decision to go to the cinema until they reach the screen. In the Media Department, we also work on Premium Circuit (App + Website + Newsletter + Cinema Magazine + Screen). We commercialise ticket offices and halls using digital and static media and carry out special actions using promotions, informational stands, staff to provide information, etc.

EGM -General Media Research Spain- 2ºEd. 2017: Sixth media outlet in terms of penetration with 4.1%.

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