Creative for Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns have many advantages when it comes to optimising the project objective. Firstly, the low cost allows us to quickly and easily send personalised campaigns. This encourages the recipients to visit, and then purchase from, the ecommerce site. A newsletter can generate both an increase in the traffic which reaches the website, and improvement in your online reputation.

Characteristics of an Email Marketing project

ROI UP Agency’s email marketing projects enable: precise calculation of the cost of the campaign and evaluation of the return on investment (ROI); immediate results; access to full statistics; monitoring of recipient behaviour in real time; A/B tests through simple tests using representative samples from the database; measurement of the potential output of an offer and the possibility to decide whether it should be modified.

Why implement an Email Marketing strategy with ROI UP Agency?

In the Creative Department at ROI UP Agency we design email marketing campaigns according the brief given, focusing them to ensure the best possible results and maintaining a relationship with the list of current and potential clients. Similarly, we promote a message to a group of users and mobilise them through emails which reach their inbox.

Email marketing, if it’s interesting and contains attractive content, can go viral if users share. It also gives recipients the option to read the newsletter when they choose to do so.

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